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I started out in 2005 as a personal trainer and sports therapist after doing my Masters in sports medicine. I also became a professional Pilates Instructor, teaching beginners matwork to advanced, plus strength and rehabilitation pilates. My passion is to make clients feel good and have a body that moves at ease. I'm pretty versatile and I've worked with professional sports teams and athletes, improving balance and core muscles,  as well as teaching falls prevention programmes with frail elders. I am very interested in post natal ( having had a difficult experience with my own baby) and have qualified as a pelvic floor specialist and continuously update my knowledge in this area. 
Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations and I aim to work with this producing a fun, enjoyable and strengthening experience!

I am based in Sussex and teaching face to face classes and personal training in the surrounding areas as well as online.

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Gym Class


*Personal training: Online  from £30 per session. 

*Face to face from £45 per session.
*Sports massage £30-50
*Pilates classes £please ask
*Pay as you go class videos and courses

*Subscription service to  full  online video library £10/£12 pcm 

*DESKWORKERS Exercise workshops (online/in person)

*Lectures/webinars in Goal setting, Motivation, sports psychology topics 


Online Beginner Pilates courses:

SILVER:  Four keep forever videos from complete beginner upwards plus a months access to the video library. £25

PLATINUM: Four keep forever videos plus a 30minute zoom call plus email support plus 2mths video library access £50

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Fitness Class


Strength and Balance Pilates classes, ultimate stomach cardio classes, Beginners Pilates classes, Falls prevention classes. More being added soon including Purestretch (TM)

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Recent masterclasses include pilates for deskworkers, small ball workouts, stability ball workout.
Recent lectures include Motivation and goal setting for golfers.
More masterclasses and lecture to come in pelvic health , postpartum fitness, menopause and bone health.


Strength and balance pilates
Rehabilitation Pilates
Balance Pilates
Beginner Pilates
Advanced Pilates
Traditional Pilates

Pilates Stretches


30min or 1hr massage working on loosening tight knots and stretching out muscles. Your body will thank you for it!

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The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will have you in tip-top shape.



Subscription Service of Pilates and fitness classes including the "lockdown series" of 50 videos, Pilates with the ball, stretch sessions, fitness, weights and many more.

RECENTLY ADDED! The "Unlocked" Video Library

£10 per month for class regulars/£12 non class regulars.

NEW! Online Beginners Pilates courses. ASK ME about the silver and platinum options!

I originally went to Julie becuse of her sports physiology credentials, having had recurring back muscular problems for over 20 years and having developed a similar problem in my shoulder. Julie did a few sports massage sessions which alleviated the symptoms and suggested that pilates would help in the long term. I exercised regularly without a good stretch regime resulting in short tight muscles.

I wanted to compliment and balance my gym regime, increase flexibility and build core strength in order to support my weak back.

I achieved more than I could have hoped for. I used to wake up stiff with shoulder and lower back ache, although it would pass after a shower and some movement, it was disconcerting . I now wake totally pain free and with full mobility. My core is really strong and this has helped me progress my gym work. 

My shoulder was cured very quickly and I have only had one back spasm during the 5 years I have been practicing Pilates. Pre Pilates, I used to have a serious spasm annually resulting in a week off work each time.

I am more mindful of my posture and actually measure 1.5cm more than before I began Pilates with Julie.

Gina Callini, Burgess Hill

 I first met Julie 8 years ago when i attended an exercise class she was running on behalf of our local council.

After a career that involved little exercise I wanted to improve my general fitness levels so I could make the most out of my retirement. Not fancying heavy sessions in a sweaty gym or lonely jogging sessions, I soon decided that Julies classes were right for me in many ways, especially when she upgraded them to Pilates sessions. And when I discovered improvement in my flexibility and muscle tone was adding 10-30yards to my golf shots, I was totally convinced!

In additions to her considerable experience and qualifications for teaching pilates, Julie is a most friendly and delightful person who makes the sessions demanding but always fun. With her caring nature she is always across any aches and pains that her students may have developed along the way, so she always demonstrates easier alternatives to the exercises to ensure no-one pushes themselves too far. As a teacher she is a natural: her classes are very well attended and more folk join but they rarely leave. Doing these exercises in Julies group is much more effective than trying on your own-you get swept away by everyone's enthusiasm.

I have suffered from various back problems for about 35 yrs and Julie showed me a range of Pilates movements to help build strength and flexibility into the spine which I try to remember to do every day. Painful back episodes are much less frequent now: I am more aware of what can cause them, and if they do happen, recovery is quicker and there is no need to bother my GP. I really am grateful to Julie for her help and advice, and making a real difference to my life. Pilates definitely makes me fitter for golf, rambling with family and  (the south downs ways, Lipchis way, Serpent trail were brilliant), DIY and my favourite hobby of pottery.

You get a real sense of wellbeing from being more physically fit, and it flows through to your mental fitness and coping with the stresses and strains of every day life-even retired folk get stressed out sometimes!

Bob Davis, Haywards Heath

Why did you go to Julie?

I was one of those girls who was always trying to be healthier and do more exercise but I never really had the guts to turn up at a big gym or put myself in the sutuation where i could be exposed and obviously behind in my progress of all the other people in my class. I did a lot of research online to find a local pilates teacher and came across Julie, her classes sounded like a great balance for me and Julie came across really friendly over emails and online. I was confident that Julie would be able to support me in toning my body and gaining some strength. I attended both her ultimate stomach classes and pilates class. The ultimate stomach class was completely new for me but  felt so comfortable putting myself in that situation with Julie-Thats a first for me!

What did you want to get out of Julies classes?

I wanted to feel stronger, more flexibility and capable. I wanted to tone my body and flatten my stomach. I have also struggled with my flexibility and I wanted to improve on this.

Did you achieve this?

Julie's classes have made me feel more confident, capable and stronger. I think that you get out what you put in and Julie is very supportive of this. If you want to ush yourself she will help, if you want to take it easier, she will be supportive of that too. I love her classes, I love how they make me feel, but I love attending them. She is the perfect fitness teacher for me! I wish there was a Julie in every class and I wish I could doa pilates class with Julie every day!

Gabriella Sudal, 29, Horsham

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